Working across a range of media that includes performance, installation, sculpture, drawing, drypoint etching and photography, Mike Parr is regarded as one of the most successful Australian artists of his generation. 

Biography from Design and Art Australia Online by Laura Murray-Cree.

Video 1

Inhibodress and working in the 1970s 

  1. What drew you to performance?
  2. What were your influences at the time?
  3. Can you describe the setting up of Inhibodress?
  4. Anne Marsh described the wrapping of little bay by Christo & Jeanne-Claude and work by stelarc in 1969 as the first performance in australia – were these artists influential on the performance being developed at Inhibodress?
  5. How important was travelling overseas to the development of your practice?
  6. You went back and forth overseas for a number of years but by the late 1970s it seems there was more of a scene in Australia. What are your memories of this time?
  7. Were there many women making work around at that time?

Video 2

Documentation, Re-Staging and the Institution

  1. Can you describe the hiatus in which you moved away from performance?
  2. What happened in 1992 to make you want to return to performance?
  3. What is the relationship between the live performance and the document in your work?
  4. Would you be open to people reenacting or restaging your performances?
  5. There has been much discussion on the resurgence of performance art over the last 10 years, do you think there is a relationship here to the level of mediation we are surrounded by?
  6. Why do you think performance art has received so little historical attention over the last forty years?